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Alice is a home automation system using a robust and modular framework of multiple Raspberry Pi systems.

This iteration is a home automation system which can be used to monitor and control nearly any aspect of a home. It uses hardware sensors to query and parse information about every room and constanly updates the user with information as it changes such as doors or windows being opened, movement in restricted areas, as well as monitoring temperature and humidity. With custom modules Alice has been expanded to work with a variety of OTS security cameras as well as the Raspberry Pi's own camera. Network monitoring and control allows for the user to determine if an intruder is on the network in addition to having external interfaces automatically update when/if the external internet's IP changes.

Technical Details:

  • Google Home Integration
  • Home Security
  • Remote Control of Home Devices
  • Network Monitoring and Control
  • Custom User Written Modules

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Magnetic Switch
  • DHT22 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • PIR Motion Sensor

  • Language: C/C++